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Microbeauty.US Training Courses

  • Are you ready to learn everything there is know about this revolutionary beauty technique?

  • Are you ready to open your own successful beauty business?

  • Do you want to add microblading to your already booming beauty career?

  • Have you trained previously and felt that you didn't learn the most important steps to creating not only a successful business, but becoming one of the best microblading techs in your area? 

Let's get you certified, the RIGHT way! 

With my training courses & experience as a once eager to learn artist myself, I want my students to leave here not only feeling confident and fulfilled with everything that they've learned but ready to tackle this industry full force as a skilled microblading artist.











  • Introduction into Microblading
  • Industry Terms
  • Stroke Patterns (4)
  • Brow Design
  • Brow Mapping & Measuring
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Proper Needle Depth
  • Color Theory + Pigment Choice
  • Needle Choice + Purchasing
  • Practice on faux skin
  • Touch-Ups + Healing + Aftercare
  • Camouflaging Old Tattoo Work
  • Proper Business Practices
  • Scheduling / Booking
  • State Requirements
  • Recap of Day 1
  • Student Evaluation
  • Station Prep + BioMedical Prep
  • Student/ Client Consult
  • Determining shape for your client
  • Drawing a shape on your client
  • Photography
  • Live Demo/ Practice Models
  • Station Break Down
  • What to avoid
  • Business Strategies
  • Final Review
  • Student Certificates


  • Student Starter Kit - includes sterilized materials for your first 5 clients 
  • (3) Aqua Li pigments
  • (1) Needle Depth Training Practice Skin
  • (1) Stroke Technique Practice Skin
  • (2) Brow Headband Practice Skins
  • (1) Brow Razor
  • Eyebrow Practice Templates
  • Caliper Ruler
  • (5) Disposable Needles
  • (5) Disposable Needle Grips
  • (5) Pigment Rings
  • (3) Practice/ Kit Blades
  • Numbing Cream
  • Surgical Marker Pen
  • Aftercare Sample Salve
  • Professional Brow Pencil 
  • Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Acrylic Pigment Display
  • Mannequin Practice Head
  • Student Handbook with guided information full of in depth coverage of every training topic discussed.
  • Product material list of everything that I use daily in my own microblading business with purchasing information guide
  • Completion of training "Official Certificate" per graduate student.
  • Student Only access to the Microbeauty.US store 
  • 100% Online support after your course.
Student's who wish to participate in the Live Model training must complete a Bloodborne Pathogen course and obtain a Guest Artist Tattoo License through the State Of Florida prior to their training date. Students are to provide their own models. If you are unable to obtain your own model, a simulated mannequin station will be setup for you.
Out of state students must apply for a guest artist license through the Health Department of FL.
Registered student's will receive guided information on obtaining these licenses properly. *** Out of state student's are responsible for learning their state laws regarding licensing. 


Microblading Beginners Course + Kit & Manual


$750 Retainer Required

(Retainer will be applied to final balance)







How many student's do you take per course?

My courses are currently limited to 2 student's to allow for direct training & one-on-one attention.

Will I be able to start working right away?

Once you've applied & obtained your final state licenses, you absolutely can, however continued practice is urged & recommended for all new students. 

How quickly can I pay back my tuition?

The average microblading session ranges from $400-$800. Your kit includes 5 sterilized setups that you may use for your first clients which in turn can cover your entire tuition cost or partial depending on your start-up pricing.

How much money will I make?

The sky is the limit in this industry. You can choose how much money you make based on how many client's you choose to take on per day. The industry's average income for microblading artists ranges from $60,000-$125,000.

Can anyone become a microblading artist?

Of course! Anyone can do anything - however microblading is a skill best acquired by someone who has at least one of the following.

1) Natural Artistic Abilities

2) Proficient in Make-Up Application (specifically eyebrows)

3) Steady Hands

4) Confident Under Pressure

Where can I work as a new artist?

Microblading (in Florida) is offered in available in many different business settings including tattoo studios, medical offices, beautiful salons, & individual studios.

When is your next training date?

I offer training once a month however dates are not set until my client schedule has been finalized. For a list of my next training dates, please fill out the contact form below.

Do you offer financing?

I do have limited financing options available through my payment merchant (Paypal). If you are interested in more information please fill out the contact form listed on the bottom of this page.

What if I need help after my course?

I offer my students 100% online support after their courses. I am extremely passionate about this industry & it is super important to me that each & every student is on the right path. I urge my student's to keep in contact with me as they begin their new venture to ensure that they are producing quality work.



  • Official Microblading Certified Artist

  • 17x Certification Holder

  • PMU-CAN Accredited Artist

  • Florida State Licensed

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Certified 

  • Department Of Health Licensed

  • Compliant with all DOH Requirements

  • Permitted Biomedical Waste Facility

  • Department of Health State Licensed Tattoo Artist

Trained by some of the top artist in the world including 

  • ​Ksenija Karabegovic (Croatia)

  • Kristina Melnicenco (Europe)

  • Elena Copaceanu (Romania)

  • Lorena Oberg (London)

  • Aleksandra Wasik (Poland)

  • Yulia Demidova (Russia)

  • Nhung Phan (Vietnam)

    As a student, my first course was expensive, rushed, and left me feeling less than confident. My "manual" was full of pretty brow photos with zero instruction, zero information, and no guidance whatsoever. Unfortunately, I am seeing this trend grow as more schools are offering rushed lackluster courses to students, saturating the beauty industry with underdeveloped technicians. Once I realized that it would be unethical for me to begin a business where I truly knew so little, I set out for further training; gaining knowledge from some of the best microblading artist in the world. After a year of in depth learning and multiple accreditations including an apprenticeship, I've transitioned my momentum into my own company, where my personal business is thriving, my clients leave happy, and I am confident with myself as an artist. I believe in the microblading industry and know how life changing it is for so many clients. As a once, "eager to learn student," myself, I feel the need for a direct training course that truly believes in making the industry a solid, professional environment and I have therefor decided that I want to offer my students the best possible training, that I so desperately wanted the first time. At Microbeauty.US, you can expect a hands-on experience packed with information. During my two-day course, you will learn everything from start to finish, the do's and don'ts, and how to build a solid portfolio based on direct training through my methods. My curriculum is strategically laid out to give you a step by step guide of what you will encounter in this business and how to handle each task. I want you to know your options in this business as there is no such thing as "one size fits all." If you're looking for a fancy training facility with pretty banners and pushed product sales - this isn't the course for you. If you're looking for a direct, one-on,one, hands-on, information packed with methods that are proven to work - then this IS the spot for you. If you're ready to start a new career and have your eyes set on the microblading industry, I'd love to be the trainer who shows you the ropes and my secrets to success!!

Caroline Wortham

Owner/Arist at Microbeauty.US

Are you ready to start your new career!? Fill out the form below for the next training date!

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