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  • Your new brows will go through several different phases during the healing cycle. The healing process will vary per person as everyone’s skin is different - please keep in mind that another client’s healing experience and timespan may differ from yours. 

  • Immediately after your session, your brows will begin to darken and/or thicken. In many cases your brows may also appear warmer than your natural color (red/orange tint). This is completely normal & necessary. As your skin begins to heal over the hair stokes, the  color will begin to lighten, soften & neutralize. 

  • During the healing process, you may experience scabbing, itching, flaking, 

       blotchy/uneven brows, a grayish cast & in some cases it may look as though your 

       hair strokes are gone. This is completely normal & is a sign that your skin has begun the 

       regeneration cycle. Once your old skin has finished exfoliating & your new milky skin 

       settles - you will begin to see your brows reappear. This process can take anywhere from 

       14 days to 4 weeks. If any scabs are present during any part of your healing cycle, allow 

       them to exfoliate naturally - DO NOT pick them. This is can cause loss of pigment and/or 

       scarring which could result in retention issues over time.

  • Once healed beneath your skin’s surface, your brows will be 30-50% lighter than they

       were during the first week, Client’s with microblading may also experience shrinking.

       Your brows will be evaluated at your follow-up & based on your heal, I will make any 

       necessary changes, which may included color adjustment, shape, and/or technique. Please        keep in mind that PMU brows look different than make-up once healed. PMU is used as a            softer/natural alternative & can help create a more prominent shaped brow, however make-        up still may be required depending on how bold you would like your brows. Make-up is a            topical skin product whereas PMU color is healed beneath your skin. 

  • I understand that the healing process may be overwhelming. It is important to trust the 

       process & follow your aftercare.

  • It is up to your skin to retain the pigment, therefor no guarantee can be 

       made that this procedure will work for you however following the 

       aftercare instructions will greatly increase your chances of beautifully 

       healed, long lasting brows.


  • Protect your brows from excessive sun exposure (sunscreen and/or hat)

  • Use oil blot sheets on brows a few times a day to remove excess oil build up & keep your hair strokes nice & crisp (only applies to oily/combination skin types)

  • To maintain your color & shape, book a maintenance appointment once your brows are faded at least 50% or more. 


  • Do not use any products containing AHA, glycolic acid, Retin-A, or anti-aging skin care on your brows. These products can cause your brows to fade prematurely and/or alter the color over time.

  • Do not use exfoliants on your brows.

  • Try to avoid using excessively oily products as this can cause hair stroke blurring over time.

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